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IV Curriculum planned by the Center

      In formulation of curriculum, the Center is guided by the following: (1) guidelines provided by the Ministry of Education, (2) the philosophy of the university, and (3) practical application (i.e., can the skills we teach be readily applied in the real world?). In accordance with this, three types of courses are offered: basic education, vocational education, and diversified education.

      Basic education courses include “physical education,” “practical English,” and “Chinese reading and writing”. Vocational education courses include “workplace English,” “international etiquette,” “service learning,” “business letters,” “laws and life,” and “introduction to natural sciences”. The scope of diversified education courses is broad: “seminars by celebrities,” “analysis for civil cases,” “analysis for criminal cases,” “introduction to mainland China,” “etiquettes for 21st century,” “world art and Taiwan’s craftsmanship,” “literary appreciation and writing skills,” “design and creativity of job-market aesthetics,” “how to speak and dress up to enhance your charm,” “smart investment and financial decisions,” “gender equality and emotions education,” “technological advances and family life,” “natural disasters and prevention,” “English certificates and international vision,” and “Web resources and library and information”. It is the hope of the Center that the provision of such courses provides students with the opportunities they need to excel in the job market and graduate as well-rounded citizens ready to make a valuable contribution to society.