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III. Educational objectives

      The university values well-rounded education and encourages its students to strive for success. This is the origin of the slogan “one diploma, two languages, three awards, and four certificates”. In addition to a diploma, students graduate our university with heightened writing skills in Chinese and excellent listening and speaking skills in English. We also encourage students to participate in contests, both within the university and nationally, and to work on original research. Yearly examinations provide students with four certificates by the time they graduate.

      Based on the university’s goals and the five foci advocated by the Ministry of Education, namely, ethical literacy, democratic literacy, science literacy, media literacy, and aesthetics literacy, the Center formulates the following five objectives:

(1) To improve students’ Chinese writing skills;

(2) To help students to pass English proficiency tests;

(3) To equip students with legal awareness;

(4) To cultivate in students an aesthetic appreciation; and

(5) To strengthen students’ character.